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Top iOS 14 Features! these 15 new features are worth your attention

ios 14 features

” iOS 14 features are reshaping the iPhone experience ” is Apple’s understanding and definition of this year’s iOS 14 new system. Perhaps some functions will make people feel familiar and similar, but for the majority of iPhone users, it is still a thoughtful upgrade.

After the WWDC conference, we also used the iPhone 11 Pro Max to install the iOS 14 developer preview version for the first time and got a hands-on experience for several hours.

Now let’s take a look at what the new features mentioned in the conference and the features that were not overlooked.

iOS 14 Features

1.  Home screen widget: familiar recipe, different taste

iOS 14 Home Screen Widget

Rumours come true, iOS 14 features added support for “desktop widgets.” At present, most system applications such as weather, calendar, to-do items, etc., support the widget on the main screen.

As for those rounded-corner icons that have been squeezed out, they will automatically move to the next screen. Only when the widget is removed will the icon return to its original position.

Compared with Android desktop widgets, Apple limits the size of iOS widgets. At present, we see three ratios of 2×2, 2×4 and 4×4. Most of the system’s built-in applications will provide three sizes for selection. The larger the size, the richer the information displayed.

If you don’t like the mixed arrangement of icons + widgets, you can also put the widgets on the negative screen of the iOS system. Anyway, the negative screen is also used to put various card components.

In addition, iOS 14 features also add a “stack” function for widgets. As the name suggests, it is to stack multiple components and then slide up and down to switch.

Although the function of the widget itself is not new, Android’s development ecology does not carry forward this function, but for iOS users who are tired of seeing a full screen of rounded rectangular icons, the iOS 14 widget still has Certain development potential.

Compared with the widget application that comes with the system, it is better to expect that the majority of third parties can play tricks on widgets.

2.App Library page, no need to worry about more applications

IOS 14 App Library
  • iOS 14 introduced a brand new “App Library” page, which is placed at the very end of the main screen page by default, mainly to organize and store all applications in the form of a folder.
  • Even if you have more applications, the system will automatically help you sort them into categories and organize them into folders.
  • For example, “Peace Elite” will be automatically categorized into games, and Netflix will be categorized into the entertainment folder. Click on the folder to see all the applications under this category.
  • Also, iOS 14 will intelligently display the main application in front of the folder according to your daily use frequency. At this time, even if you do not click the folder, you can click the icon directly to open the application.
  • App Library also supports the list view and arranges all applications in alphabetical order.

3. More compact interface design ios 14 features

iOS 14 compact design

This part of the update should be able to poke the hearts of many users.

  • In iOS 14, incoming calls and incoming FaceTime calls do not fill the entire screen and are replaced by a small pop-up window. It seems that using iPhone to play King Glory and Eating Chicken will not be interrupted by the call interface.
  • The other is the picture-in-picture function, which was unique to the iPad before, but now the iPhone can also be used, and it will become possible to chat while watching videos.
  • Also, this “picture-in-picture” small window supports any drag position, you can also hide it directly in the sidebar without interrupting the audio of the video.
  • The compact interface design is also suitable for Siri. Now shouting “Hey Siri”, you will no longer see the full-screen window, but a small circle that pops up at the bottom. After you ask the question, Siri’s reply is also presented in a pop-up style

4. “App Clips”, the Apple version of “Applet” is here ios 14 features

iOS 14 App Clips

Many people see this function demo at first glance, and they will think of the “fast application” of Android or the “mini-program”

It’s not wrong to think so. Besides, everyone’s core demands are also the same. They all want to let users use a specific function when they need it without downloading an application, such as takeout, taxi and pick up. Coupons and so on.

At present, the first version of the test system has not yet introduced App Clips in detail. According to Apple’s demonstration, this function is mainly awakened by a specific App Clip code, NFC, or browser access. At this time, the application will be in the form of a card Pop up from the bottom of the screen without downloading the app separately.

5. New translation application ios 14 features

  • Apple added an independent translation application for iOS 14. The function is similar to Google Translate, but the interface design will be more elegant.
  • It not only supports vertical and horizontal display, but also supports automatic voice translation and historical translation record browsing, and the translated text can also be read by Siri.
  • If you download the language pack in advance, you can translate even in a network less environment.
  • At present, Apple Translator supports a total of 11 languages, namely Simplified Chinese, English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Arabic.
  • Also, iOS 14 will have a built-in “page translation” function for the Safari browser, but I have not yet seen the option in this version of the system and may have to wait for subsequent updates to be implemented.

6. Apple’s self-made maps have become better ios 14 features

iOS14 cycling direction

Since the iOS 12 system, Apple has implemented its new version of the map in the United States, and iOS 14 has made further updates to the data, not only adding introductions to specific attractions and restaurants, but the map data also cover more regions and cities.

Also, Apple Maps introduced a new travel mode. For example, when you ride a bicycle, you can switch to the riding mode. At this time, the map will automatically provide bicycle road lines, altitude and other information, and let you avoid congested road sections.

Switched to electric vehicle mode, the map can also monitor the remaining power of the car in real-time, and automatically navigate to the nearest charging station. The first batches to support this function are BMW and Ford.

7. Information apps have become more like social apps ios 14 features

Apple still has not stopped the transformation of iMessage, and also introduced many common functions of social applications.

One is that the specific contact is displayed on the top. If there is an avatar in the place, you can still see his Memoji image on the top.

Also, when you enter the name of a friend in the group in the information app, you can achieve the effect of @人, and the other party will also be notified by @.

8. Memoji emoticons have more elements to choose from, pinching your face is more addictive

iOS14 Memoji

As demonstrated by Apple, the new Memoji avatar adds more customizable details, including 6 new ages, 7 new hairstyles, 16 new headdresses, and 3 new Memoji sticker emoticons.

Apple also improved the face and muscle structure of the Memoji image to make the avatar more lively.

9. Home Kit supports adaptive lighting adjustment and faces recognition

  • iOS 14 adds several new features to the “home” app. Now when new smart home devices are added, the app will provide suggestions for the functionality of automated scripts.
  • Also, the family introduced the “Adaptive Lighting Adjustment” function, which allows the lighting equipment to automatically adjust the color temperature of the lamp according to the light and time.
  • As for the camera device, it now also supports the “Face Recognition” function, as long as the camera or doorbell device detects someone, it will send a notification.

10. CarPlay can change wallpapers, and can use the iPhone as a “car key

iOS 14 Car key features

Let’s talk about the function updates of the CarPlay car part. In addition to adding the wallpaper replacement function, iOS 14 also provides further support for third-party parking locations, electric vehicle charging, meal-taking location, and other application functions. Car owners can now also use Siri to send Audio information.

Another important point is the “car key” feature. ios 14 features

As early as iOS 13.4, Apple added a CarKey API that allows users to use iPhone or Apple Watch as a car key.

iOS 14 features

This feature has been officially launched on iOS 14, and the operation process is the same as we use NFC buses: the phone is posted, the car is automatically unlocked; it is replaced with a device with a built-in U1 chip, even if the device is not taken out in your pocket, you can do it To open the door, start the car, and the car key can be shared with others.

The first model that currently supports this feature is the BMW 5 Series in 2021. ios 14 features

11. More comprehensive and detailed privacy protection, and say goodbye to candid apps

iOS 14 adds an “indicator” feature. When an application has a camera or microphone enabled, you can see a flashing green dot at the top right corner of the screen. This is to remind users that there are applications that are using the camera.

At this time, pull down the notification bar, and you will see the application currently using the camera or microphone.

This prompt is very intuitive and is also an exposure to rogue applications. For example, when I used it myself, I found that Maps directly invoked the microphone permission after it was opened, but I did not enable any voice function at the time.

iOS 14 has also made a more detailed classification of positioning permissions. Now some applications that need to call GPS positioning, users can only allow them to obtain “approximate location” instead of “precise location”, which is mainly suitable for those who do not have high positioning requirements. application.

Similarly, when selecting photos, iOS 14 can also allow the app to access only one photo you selected instead of accessing the entire photo library. ios 14 features

12. The App Store has made some minor changes ios 14 features

App Store has added more application profile information, such as evaluation, age rating, category, size, etc. The introduction bar has been piloted on the Apple Arcade page for a while, and it is now used throughout the app store.

A more comprehensive privacy statement will also be applied to all App Store applications, and users will be able to learn about the application of sensitive data in advance before downloading the application.

Also, the achievement system of Apple Arcade games can be checked directly in the App Store. You can also view all your game records, friends, achievements, and other information through the Game Center.

13. Taking photos has also been optimized ios 14 features

Although Apple did not mention the hardware at the press conference iOS 14 has also made a lot of optimizations for the iPhone’s camera function, such as faster focusing, faster-scanning speed, etc., as well as a front selfie The mirroring process of the iPhone 11 series QuickTake video snapshot function will also be transferred to the old iPhone.

Also, Apple thought to use the built-in gyroscope of the iPhone to improve the imaging stability of the night shooting mode.

14. AirPods support automatic switching between devices, and better stereo effects ios 14 features

AirPods update also comes from the software side. After supporting the “cross-device seamless switching” function, AirPods can automatically switch and connect according to the device currently playing audio, instead of letting the user manually open the Bluetooth list switch, which is a boon for Apple family bucket users.

However, it should be noted that at present, this function only supports the latest version of the system (Mac, iPad, and other devices also need to be updated to the latest version of the system), it is not enough to upgrade the iPhone

Also, Apple has added “spatial audio” technology to AirPods Pro. With the help of dynamic head tracking technology, it achieves a stereo effect comparable to the theater level.

15. The volume of the headset is turned too high, and iOS 14 features will remind you

The new functions of the health application are scattered. Here are two main ones I like.

One is support for sleep mode. Users can set the daily time to fall asleep/wake up and relax time before going to bed. At this time, the phone will automatically enter the do not disturb mode. ios 14 features

Also, the health app of iOS 14 will record your headset volume to determine whether the decibel value is within a reasonable range, but using non-EarPods and AirPods series headphones can only provide a rough estimate.

iOS 14 is Compatible with these Devices. ios 14 features

iOS 14 Compitable with these divices

There is an old precautionary note that still needs to be clear: iOS 14 is still in beta status, and problems such as fever must exist. I also experienced several flashbacks during the experience, so we still do not recommend ordinary users to take their own The main machine of early adopters.

Of course, if you are willing to take these risks, you can also directly download and install the description file of iOS 14, and then upgrade through OTA, but it is best to do a backup first to prevent data loss. ios 14 features

Peopl Also Ask ios 14 features

Which iPhones will run iOS 14?

iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus.
iPhone SE & iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus.
iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus.
iPhone X.
iPhone XR & iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max.
iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Is iOS 14 beta out?

iOS 14 beta released on 22th June 2020

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