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iPhone 12 may be more affordable than we thought


According to reports, Apple will launch two 4G variants of the iPhone 12 and four 5G Variants models at the same time. These four models have been widely exposed so far. The pricing of the cheapest 4G Variants iPhone 12 may start at $549, which is $100 lower than the cheapest 5G iPhone 12 version.

Apple pinched by coronavirus pandemic

It is still a few months before Apple releases the iPhone 12 series. According to the regular plan, it should be unveiled in September. According to the latest report, the iPhone supply chain is running at full capacity, and analysts expect Apple to achieve the goal of going public. Previous estimates stated that some of Apple’s iPhone 12 versions may be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The disease is far from being controlled, and there are tens of thousands of new cases every day in the United States alone, setting a new record. Other countries also have significant outbreaks, including Brazil, India, and Russia. COVID-19 may even break out again in areas that have been able to calm the curve.

iPhone 12 will be more affordable than the iPhone 11

In this context, launching a new iPhone on time is only partially successful. Apple will want to sell iPhones in large quantities, every year. But the global economy has been severely impacted, and expensive iPhones may not appear on the shopping lists of millions of potential buyers. Earlier reports said that the iPhone 12 series will be more affordable than the iPhone 11 series. And new rumours claim that Apple’s cheapest iPhone 12 is much cheaper than we thought.

Multiple reports said that Apple will have four 5G variants of the iPhone 12 sold in stores this year. A well-informed person, Jon Prosser, revealed the price structure of models a few weeks ago.

Price Structure of the 5G Variants of the iPhone 12

  • 5.4-inch, 128GB storage space iPhone 12 will cost $649. 
  • The 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max high-end model with 512GB of storage space will cost $1,399. 

If these are accurate, Apple will provide a wide price range for the iPhone 12 series to meet various budgets.

4G Variant of iPhone 12 model will be cheaper

iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 12

The latest iPhone 12 broke the news that the 4G model will be cheaper. According to a new leaker named Omega Leaks on Twitter, Apple will launch two 4G variants of the iPhone 12 in the store, including

  • Small 4G model for $549.
  • 4G iPhone 12 Max for $649. 

However, there is no evidence to confirm these claims. Other reports do say that the 4G iPhone 12 may be part of Apple’s 2020 product line, and given the slow rollout of 5G networks, this rumor makes sense.

If this is accurate, then the 4G iPhone 12 may be the best phone you can buy this year. Android manufacturers will have a hard time fighting such products. The leaked information need not even be accurate, we can expect Apple to launch an iPhone under $600 this fall. 

Don’t forget that the old iPhone will remain in Apple’s inventory for more years. iPhone 11 will stick to it, especially if there is no 4G iPhone 12, its price is likely to be $599. 

iPhone 11 is currently the best-selling iPhone 11 series version. If Apple continues to sell 4G iPhone 12 while selling the iPhone 11, the price of the iPhone 11 may be lower. If Apple continues to sell the iPhone XR, which is now priced at $599, then after the iPhone 12 launches, its price will have to be set at $499.

No matter what happens, Apple hopes to lower the price of the iPhone this year is clear, and iPhone SE is the best example. The price of the new iPhone SE is $399, and there is no rival in terms of performance.

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How much will the iPhone 12 cost in 2020?

It will start at $549

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At least one model of the iPhone 12 may feature an under-display fingerprint scanner

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