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ASUS ROG 3 Phone Experience – Ultimate Gaming Smartphone Champion

Seeing the little children hugging and kissing each other on the football field, I remembered how we role-played and played with our friends when we were young. At that time, we all imagined that we could be like 007, with our military box, with our own exclusive…In short, only with the box can we have a sense of ritual.

Give players a sense of ritual

I always think that when I grow up, I will no longer have a unique feeling for the box. Unexpectedly, after all, it is inseparable from the sentence: A man is a boy to death. Looking at the password box of the ROG gaming phone 3 in my arms, I looked at every detail of it. The collision of rounded corners and lines is the beauty of geometric composition, and the combination of the metal nameplate and double lock body is a strong style.

I rotate the password dial to the position of “7”, “2” and “3”. The ROG gaming phone 3, the cooler fan 3, and the Aero protective shell are printed on the box. They are neatly arranged in the eyes of the prodigal In the military box. This scene once again evoked my childhood memories. Isn’t this the exclusive military box I expected? To be honest, this is my first box with equipment and the best gift for my childhood fantasy.


ROG Phone 3 Unboxing

I believe that many players are the same as me. For “REPUBLIC OF GAMERS”, it is not only a nickname for its prodigal eye but also a belief!

A quick overview of appearance, screens, and accessories

ROG Phone 3 First Appearence

ROG gaming phone 3 is equipped with a 6.59-inch AMOLED screen that supports up to 144Hz 1ms, 10-bit, HDR display, 270Hz touch sampling rate, and supports four-speed refresh rate switching, respectively 60Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz. Players can switch on their own or according to the high frame rate adaptation game for special switching, which meets the high-intensity needs of event-level and enthusiasts.

The body has a total of 3 Type-C interfaces, two of which can be used for power supply and one for external dedicated equipment. To provide a more realistic grip-level vibration feedback, the fuselage is equipped with an X-axis linear motor. With the support of the SHS algorithm, the game’s sound effects and vibration can provide a stronger sense of presence. Of course, as the shoulder button of the game phone, the Air Triggers 2X2 of the ROG game phone 3 is also equipped with 4, using double-sided touch for feedback. At the same time, to make the game more friendly, the left and right sides of the fuselage are equipped with speakers of the same specification.

Such a design is still rare in 2020. 

The dual forward seven magnetic stereo speakers have been tuned jointly by Swedish DIRAC and ROG, making players more comfortable in listening and distinguishing positions. The 4 microphones are designed to effectively collect the sound no matter how the player holds it, allowing players and teammates to maintain continuous communication.

ROG 3 rare design

This time, the classic version with the password box is also very rich in content, with ROG game phone 3, cooler fan 3, Aero protective shell, 30W fast charging, basic protective shell, many accessories can provide players with more comfort when playing game experience.

The ultimate performance pursued by players

ROG gaming phone 3 is equipped with the latest generation of Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus 5G CPU and Adreno™ 650 GPU. This is the latest and most advanced 7nm process on the market. When the X mode of the mobile phone is turned on, the main frequency is up to 3.1GHz, and the full load performance can be increased by 10% compared with the previous generation mobile phone. This year’s flagship configuration has also been made in terms of storage and Internet access. The classic version is equipped with LPDDR5 with 12GB RAM and the standard UFS3.1 for all systems, which greatly improves the storage rate and saves power consumption. To make the game network connection smoother, the ROG gaming phone also added Wi-Fi6 with 4 antennas, the effect is lower latency and faster speed.

During the time I was in contact with ROG Gaming Phone 3, I tested all aspects of its performance in detail.

ROG 3 Speed test

In two rounds of open time tests of 20 apps, ROG3 took a total of 110 seconds, leading the way among all models this year.

ROG 3 Second speed test

After opening these 20 apps, I did the second round of opening and clearing the background test of 20 apps three times. ROG Game Phone 3 performed well and was among the top flagships, and there was no issue of clearing the background for one app.

Immediately after that, I released two mobile phone performance testers, “Legend of Nemea: Bright Mountains” and “PUBG”. The frame rate of “PUBG” is stable at 59.77FPS with ROG gaming phone 3, with an average fluctuation of 0.43FPS. Compared with the previous generation product, the frame rate fluctuation has been greatly improved, and the performance is more stable.

ROG 3 Body Temperature Test

rog 3 teperature test

After the end of a round of “PUBG”, I again started the body temperature test at the highest quality. ROG gaming phone 3 is not equipped with Cooler Fan 3.0 and X performance mode is turned on and the high frame rate mode is used. The body temperature reaches 47.3℃. While gaining stronger performance, the temperature is also higher than the previous generation product. In the heat dissipation part, I will conduct a temperature test of the new heat dissipation system of ROG Game Phone 3.

In the test of the performance killer “Legend of Nemea: Bright Mountains”, ROG Game Phone 3 can stabilize at 49.49FPS, which is excellent. Compared with the previous generation ROG Game Phone 2, there is a significant improvement, an increase of about 5FPS.

ROG 3 Geekbench 5 Score

rog 3 geekbench test

ROG gaming phone 3’s running score parameters is currently among the top ranks among many models. It performs well in Geekbench5, with a multi-core performance of 3408 points and a single-core performance of 987 points. Among them, the multi-core performance has improved significantly, close to 28% performance Promote.

rog phone 3 read and write speed

After equipped with the new LPDDR5 and UFS3.1, its continuous write speed and random write speed reached 733M/s and 1668M/s respectively. The continuous write speed can be said to be a huge leap compared to the previous generation product, achieving close to 3 times the speed increase.

In the random write part, the random write speed and random read speed of ROG Game Phone 3 are 255M/s and 246M/s, respectively, which is about 68% faster than the previous generation product. This is important for the information saving and reading on the mobile phone. Both have brought higher efficiency.

rog phone 3 AnTuTu Test

The running score of this phone in AnTuTu is even more exciting for players, and it temporarily tops the list with a score of 640,000. For the player, this is the power of faith. The new CPU and GPU make this product a direct improvement of 130,000 points compared to ROG gaming phone 2.

rog phone 3 3D mark openGL  test

And its 1600 points improvement in 3DMark OpenGLES3.1 compared to the previous generation, and so on, the rapid progress in parameters is the best feedback for players.

ROG 3 Game Performance On the battlefield!

pubg mobile gameplay on rog 3

The biggest difference between gaming mobile phones and traditional mobile phones is that it has a complete system optimized for games, which optimizes and assists players in all aspects and subtleties. It is equivalent to a full range of equilibrium, and even a full range of outstanding performance.

Roge 3 phone gaming mode

This ROG game phone 3 provides players with a large number of custom settings. Among the phones I have contacted, this is the first phone to achieve a degree of customization close to the PC level, except for the 7 Item exclusive settings (touch, display, performance, network, Air Triggers, key mapping, macro), it can also directly control the performance of temperature control, CPU, GPU, if you enter the hard-core adjustment mode, it can affect various important The hardware is fine-tuned, and at this point, I have entered a completely unfamiliar field. I believe this must be a tuning project that can only be understood by hardcore engineers at the engineering level.

In short, the feeling that X mode gives me is that it is not a custom UI and shortcut function switch that simply integrates the game space, but a real core adjustment function, from the adaptation and adjustment of the software to the fine adjustment of the hardware. This high degree of customization is a pure and free experience that has never been felt before on the market.

And in the process of playing the game, you can feel the body concept designed for players to get the best gaming experience

It is also the most intuitive feeling in my days when I came into contact with ROG Gaming Phone 3. I took it into Tencent’s game “PUBG”. Before I stepped into the game battlefield, I was shocked by the sound of “TIMI”. Its dual speakers are different from many other dual speakerphones. This is because ROG The game phone 3 uses dual forward speakers, that is, symmetrical “two full-size speakers” and 4 microphones for in-game dialogue. For the player, this may be a surprise, or it may be calm. The surprise is that ROG gaming phone 3 is different from other mobile phones for the player’s strongest sense of presence and listening position. Two full-size speakers are made; the reason is that this is exactly what the player is looking for.

ROG Game Phone 3 is far ahead!

ROG 3 is best phone for gaming

When you and your three or two partners formally pick up weapons and prepare to compete with your opponents, you will find that ROG game phone 3 is ahead of the shoulder buttons by 2 buttons. Air Triggers supports 4 buttons of 2X2, which rely on sound waves to drive, comes with realistic vibration feedback, and the buttons can be freely switched between single-button and double-button, and even change the pressing to a sliding gesture operation. If you try carefully, you will find that this is designed to meet users with different habits., And more mapping and macro operations, which is equivalent to a built-in physical plug-in, which can be easily won in many different types of games. I even think that using macro operations, I can go to Lao Luo’s live broadcast room to compete with many users.

ROG Game Phone 3 uses a 4-channel Wi-Fi Antenna

ROG Phone 3 with extra charging port

In the fierce battle of the game, you will not leave regrets due to network speed issues. ROG Game Phone 3 uses a 4-channel Wi-Fi antenna design on the network and supports the latest Wi-Fi6. These 4-channel antennas are respectively surrounding the phone, players don’t have to worry about signal problems. At the same time, Hyper Fusion and Tencent’s Storm network acceleration solutions are directly accelerated from the game root server. To keep the last second of the decisive moment, ROG Game Phone 3 can connect to 2.4G and 5G dual Wi-Fi channels at the same time, and can choose a stable network channel between 5G and Wi-Fi. When I crossed from the basement to the outdoors, it controlled the network signal very intelligently. I could still have smooth gaming experience. If I changed to the usual, my mobile phone screen may show that the current game is over.

The game is about to end, the players are tired, and the phone needs to be charged. At this time, you will find that ROG Game Phone 3 has a total of three Type-C ports designed on the body, two of which are used for charging and one for external ROG games The mobile phone’s exclusive device when the mobile phone is connected to Cooler Fan 3.0, the 3.5mm headphone jack can be placed in the middle to meet the game needs of players.

In general, ROG Game Phone 3’s concept of putting two phones in one body is to provide players with double insurance and to provide players with a realistic on-site experience…

Continue to cool down and refuse to have a fever.

ROG 3 equipped with coolling fan

In terms of body heat dissipation, ROG Gaming Phone 3 is equipped with a matrix liquid cooling 3.0 system, which inherits the heat dissipation concept of ROG gaming products. The triple cooling logic and efficient heat dissipation make the CPU performance perfect to release heavy games without frequency reduction. The unique L-shaped motherboard design CPU and other key heat-generating components dissipate heat faster, preventing heat accumulation.

  • Level 1 built-in liquid cooling system

Using large graphene and a large area 3D vacuum chamber soaking plate to cover the CPU and 5G chip, Level 2 makes heat energy-efficient, customized aluminum alloy frame, and cooling fins and cooling grid to speed up airflow Effectively remove waste heat, Level 3 actively cools peripherals, and cooling fans continue to dissipate heat.

At the same time, the cooler fan supports 30W fast charging and 3.5mm headphone jack in addition to efficient heat dissipation. Of course, the AURA RGB dazzling lighting effect that improves performance is indispensable, and players can highly customize it.

After the end of a round of “PUBG”, I again started the body temperature test at the highest quality. ROG gaming phone 3 is not equipped with Cooler Fan 3.0 and X performance mode is turned on and the high frame rate mode is used. The body temperature reaches 47.3℃. While gaining stronger performance, the temperature is also higher than the previous generation product. Heat. Immediately after that, I changed to Cooler Fan 3.0 to cool the phone for ten minutes and then turned on “PUBG” for half an hour. At this time, the effect was good, and the body temperature could be effectively controlled at 43.4°C. In many mobile phones, ROG gaming phone 3 can maintain a low temperature even after turning on the high-performance X mode with cooling accessories, which is considered to be an outstanding effect.

Sufficient energy, a long battle on the battlefield!

ROG 3 Battery capacity

ROG Gaming Phone 3 is the first mobile phone equipped with a 6000mAh large-capacity battery in the second half of the year. It supports Hypercharge 30W fast charging. It can fully charge the phone with 4510mAh in 45 minutes and supports up to 9.2 hours of large-scale sandbox games.

Write at the end

ROG Game Phone 3 allows me to experience the unique attributes that game phones can provide players in addition to high performance-game ecological culture. Game ecological culture is embodied in the exclusive in-depth adjustment between game phones and major popular games, and the mobile phone industrial design made by game phones for the special needs of players. It is truly mining players from both software and hardware levels. Need and meet the needs of the players. These designs are not what non-gaming phones can imagine in industrial design… If it makes a label in my heart, it must be: “Put two mobile phones in one body

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