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What is a scissor-switch keyboard?

Why scissor switch keyboard is better than the butterfly keyboard!

MacBook Air may abandon the butterfly keyboard and use the Scissor switch keyboard for the following reasons.

Butterfly Mechanism

We found that the existing butterfly keyboard caused many complaints. Many users believe that the butterfly keyboard has a poor typing experience because of its ultra-low travel.

  • The butterfly keyboard is prone to malfunction due to dust, fine debris, etc.
  • Reduce costs. Butterfly keyboard production yield is low, the cost is much higher than the general notebook keyboard (about 250-350%).

Scissors Mechanism

  • Scissor switch keyboard reduces the probability of failure.
  • The newly designed scissor foot keyboard was successfully developed is expected to provide longer key travel to improve the typing experience, and the use of glass fibre reinforced key structure to improve durability.
  • MacBook Pro 2020 uses newly design scissor-legged keyboards.
  • we believe that most users will not feel this difference, and the newly designed scissor-type keyboard can provide a better user experience and improve Appleā€™s profit.

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