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OnePlus 8 Pro review: A good screen is addictive

Today, every Android phone (OnePlus 8 Pro) manufacturer is chasing “differentiation.” Compared to the information that only geeks are interested in, such as the number of cores, the number of pixels, and the performance of the chip.

So, you will see that Huawei started to take ultra-high-pixel photos from the P20, Vivo tried to unlock the fingerprint into the screen, and OPPO did fast charging by itself. They all want to grasp the “window” of the new technology and form its differentiation advantage.

“OnePlus apparently grabbed a new feature point that is more attractive than the appearance and smooth system to convince users to pay.”

High refresh rate screen.

OnePlus 8Pro 120HZs

It can also be intuitively perceived by users, and most people can understand its value-it is to make the phone smoother.

More importantly, the timing at which OnePlus chose to cut in is also smart enough to indirectly promote the popularity of high refresh rate screens in the mass mobile phone market.

So with this year’s OnePlus 8 Pro, what new changes can we see?

The feel is still very cool, and the weight and thickness are also reduced

The appearance of the OnePlus 8 Pro continues last year’s style, such as the structure of the front and rear hyperboloid, the center rear camera module, and the iconic three-stage switch.

The difference mainly comes from the material and weight, which can only be felt by getting started with the real device.

OnePlus has prepared two back cover materials for the 8 Pro. One is the black version of the mirror design, which is smooth and delicate. The metal frame is especially matte, so when you rub the surface of the mobile phone, you can feel the matte and Smooth two touch.

The other material is the now hot AG glass. Last year OnePlus 7 Pro has tried a similar matte back cover. If you have an iPhone 11 Pro, you can also feel the texture of this frosted glass.

OnePlus 8 Pro Sleek Design

OnePlus 8 sleek design

In terms of thickness and weight, the OnePlus 8 Pro, has been reduced to 8.5mm and 199g from last year’s 8.8mm and 206g. Although there is only a 7g weight difference, it can still reduce the pressure on your trouser pocket.

The disappearance of the lift camera also brings other benefits to a plus 8 Pro. The IP68 level is a bit more water-resistant, and the battery capacity is about 500 mA more than the 7 Pro, to cope with the two big power consumers of 5G and 120Hz screen.

Overall, the look of OnePlus 8 Pro still achieves both a sense of quality and elegance, and the blue and green models other than black are also pleasing enough. The only thing that makes me a little unhappy is the bulge of the rear lens set.

OnePlus 8 Pro rear camera has been Upgraded

Considering that OnePlus 8 Pro has upgraded the rear camera and the thickness of the body has decreased, it is understandable that the mirror group is higher than the 7 Pro; but while the thickness increases, OnePlus 8 Pro does not make a corresponding inversion of the edge of the mirror group Corner cushioning treatment, and finger touch will feel a bit cut.

However, it is quite difficult to find a non-bulging flagship machine these years, the difference is only “how bumpy” is your flagship phone.  For OnePlus 8 Pro, in the case of bare metal, I can only place it very carefully on the flat surface to prevent the camera from being bumped by external forces.

Of course, this problem is not without a solution: wear a protective shell.

The best screen in a smartphone

oneplus8 Pro

The screen is still the most worthy part of the OnePlus new flagship.

From the hardware point of view, OnePlus 8 Pro uses a Samsung-made QHD Plus high refresh rate screen supports 10bit color depth and HDR 10 Plus, and a screen brightness of up to 800 nits, peaks of 1400 nit, and can provide 0.3 JNCD color accuracy, which is similar to previous OPPO Find X2 Pro.

Under this perfect answer, OnePlus 8 Pro easily got the A + evaluation of Display Mate. The simple explanation is that it is currently “the best screen in the smartphone.”

Also, the hydrogen OS system itself emphasizes the sense of speed and smoothness. With the 240Hz touch sampling rate, it is a perfect match with the OnePlus 8 Pro screen.

Last year’s OnePlus 7 Pro screen was not bad. In contrast, this year’s 8 Pro mainly improved in colour accuracy and brightness, and the upper limit of the screen refresh rate was also increased from 90Hz to 120Hz and supports QHD Plus resolution Rate and 120Hz refresh rate are turned on at the same time.

OnePlus 8 Pro is more Advance than the 7 Pro

For example, the screen curvature. One thing that OnePlus 7 Pro was criticized last year was the large arc structure on the left and right sides. Especially in the sun, when the light hits the screen, there will be obvious highlights, which directly affects the visibility of the screen.

On the 8 Pro, the sinking arcs on both sides are more vertical and the surface part is more “curved” than the 7 Pro.

Another point that many people care about is “automatic brightness”. To strengthen the determination of the ambient light, the OnePlus 8 Pro adopts the design of the front and rear dual light sensors and supports 4096-levels of automatic brightness adjustment, which effectively avoids the situation of flickering and dimming, which is a more detailed improvement.

OnePlus8 Pro refresh rate

In addition to the adjustment of the screen hardware, this year OnePlus has also done a lot of software adaptation work for high refresh rate screens.

OnePlus 8 Pro MEMC Technology

The first is the video side. This time, OnePlus 8 Pro also introduces the very popular MEMC frame insertion technology, which is mainly to convert low-frame rate video to 60-frame or even 120-frame versions.

Core configuration of OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus 8 Pro snapdragon 865

There is not much to say about the core configuration of OnePlus 8 Pro. Like other top Android flagships, they all use Qualcomm ’s best Snapdragon 865 chip, LPDDR5 memory, and UFS 3.0 flash memory as standard in the entire system. 5G and WiFi 6 technologies are also supported.

Is the battery enough?

OnePlus 8 Pro battery

Finally, the charging part, OnePlus 8 Pro still supports 30W Warp wired flash charging. I start charging at 10%, and within 10 minutes I can charge 25%and after half an hour, the battery icon shows 72%. It takes 53 minutes to fully charge.

If it is fully charged from 0 to 100%, it is controlled for about an hour. (The battery capacity of OnePlus 8 Pro is 4510 mAh).

One plus 8 Pro supports wireless charging

OnePlus 8 Pro wrap charging

Also, this time, OnePlus 8 Pro has finally, finally, finally added support for wireless charging, which is considered to fill the biggest shortcomings of past OnePlus mobile phones.

Reverse Charging function

There is also a reverse charging function. When my Air Pods are out of power these days, I charge the charging case directly on the back of the OnePlus 8 Pro.

OnePlus 8 Pro airpods charging

OnePlus 8 Pro Camera Quality

48 mega pixel

Taking pictures is not a strength of OnePlus phones, but last year OnePlus 7 Pro did use a very good three-camera combination, including the 48-megapixel IMX586 photosensitive element that was the most mainstream at the time, and the overall performance is still remarkable.

In this generation of OnePlus 8 Pro, the rear three-camera is further upgraded to a four-camera combination, with two 48-megapixel main camera and ultra-wide-angle heads at the core. Among them, the main camera is the IMX689 sensor customized by Sony, which has the largest image sensor among the 48 million pixels, and the largest single-pixel size.

Vivo releases micro-cloud platform technology, which makes mobile phone image stabilization stronger

OnePlus 8 Pro Ultra wide-angle Camera

OnePlus 8 Pro wide-angle-shot

The ultra-wide-angle uses IMX586, which was very popular last year.

But the remaining two lenses are more conventional, including an 8-megapixel lens that supports 3x hybrid zoom and a 5-megapixel filter lens. The front-facing camera is the 16-megapixel IMX471.

If you look at the proofs, the images taken by OnePlus 8 Pro during the day are no problem, the metering performance is as stable as 7 Pro, and the imaging style is more natural and soft.

As for the telephoto part, since OnePlus 8 Pro is not equipped with a periscope structure, it naturally cannot be used as a “telescope”. The fineness and color are also a certain distance away from the main camera, but the 3x hybrid zoom is still acceptable stable.

In terms of video, OnePlus 8 Pro supports up to 4K / 60fps video recording, as well as 720p / 480fps or 1080p / 240fps slow-motion video. Officials also mentioned a “Super Backlight Video” function, which mainly shoots at three different exposure times, and finally outputs a picture with ultra-high dynamic range.

Also, the personal experience is relatively deep, the good screen and linear motor of OnePlus 8 Pro also help to take pictures. For example, when the outdoor sunlight is strong, the high-brightness screen can ensure clarity when framing; and every time I press the screen shutter, there will be just the right vibration feedback.

Better than good

It is quite difficult to give a flagship machine such as OnePlus 8 Pro a stab. Last year, we could also complain that there was no wireless charging, the curvature was not well done, and the weight was touching, but these deficiencies are in this year’s OnePlus 8 Pro has been resolved, the configuration on the specification table has not lost the same competitive products at all, and it can be regarded as a very standard “all-around flagship”.

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