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Boston Robot Dog for Sale $74,500 US dollars

Oh my God…… Boston Robot Dog is finally here

Internet celebrities, who have repeatedly screened the world, can finally buy it home now.

Boston Power Machine Robot Dog-The richest and richest man in the world, the sweet and salty, pet-friendly, I never expected that now you and I can have it.

Cost of Boston Dynamics Spot is $74,500 US dollars

Is it expensive? It does not sound cheap.

Become the coolest pet owner representative in the community.

Let’s see what US $74,500 will buy? Boston robot dog

A dog?

Of course more than that.

In addition to the Boston robot dog, there are two batteries and battery chargers that give it “power”, a tablet controller for “walking”, and a Python client software package for the Spot API.

Boston Dynamics Dog also include

  • Spot robot
  • X2 Spot batteries
  • Spot Charger
  • Tablet controller and charger
  • Robot case for storage and transportation
  • Power case for battery and charger storage and transportation
  • Python client packages for the Spot API’s
  • Software updates when available
  • Standard Warranty
  • Free Shipping (limited time only)

Also gave a dog’s “nest”-a box containing a robot dog, and a power box.

It also provides system updates, standard warranty, and free delivery within a limited time.

Don’t worry, this is just the basic component of the robot dog. If you also need to purchase additional components.

These Optional Components are not Cheap

  • Battery: $4,620
  • Charger: $1650
  • Regulated power supply and Ethernet port: $1,275
  • Camera with color panorama and communication function: USD 21,800
  • PTZ zoom camera: $29750
  • Lidar: $18,450
  • Lidar with camera: $34,570
  • Edge CPU for robot computing: $3925
  • Edge GPU for advanced processing: $24,500

Boston Dynamics also launched a value-added warranty service similar to Apple Care+, priced at $15,000, including extended warranty and expedited repair services.

Buy it! Is it worth it?

It depends on what you can buy.

The seller show is introduced like this:

1. It can climb hills, and it’s all kind of big rock.

Boston Robot Dog

2. From time to time, Boston robot dog will give you a fancy wrestling

Boston Dynamics Spot

3. You can also open the door for you, master, you are back!

Boston Robot Dog

4. Dancing ? is not a problem for Boston robot dog

Boston Robot Dog

5. It used to go to “New Zealand” to herd sheep.

Boston Dynamics Dog

6. Patrol in the parks of “Singapore”, and warmly remind tourists to maintain a safe distance during the outbreak.

Boston Robot Dog

7. Check for malfunctions , detect hydrocarbon leaks , collect data, and generate reports

Boston robot dog is exclusively for a pet.

This time the US $74,500 Boston Dynamic Robot Dog is the standard version. Boston robot dog

You can also customize the education version and the enterprise version separately, the price, one-on-one with major customers.

Before there was a video showing that the robot dog was adopted by the police, so some citizens worried that someone would buy it and transform it into a weapon?

So this time when the price is clearly marked for sale, the terms of the official sale clearly stipulate that the use of robot dogs to physically harm or intimidate others is prohibited.

Peace and Love Boston robot dog

People Also Ask

How fast can a robot run?

Cheetah Robot is a fast-running quadruped developed by Boston Dynamics with funding from DARPA. It just blazed past its previous speed record, getting up to 28.3 mph, about 0.5 mph faster than Usain Bolt’s

How much is a Boston Dynamics dog robot?

Cost of Boston Dynamics Spot is $74,500 US dollars

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