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iPhone SE 2020

So now we have the new iPhone SE 2020, so just so we’re all on the same page what is this iPhone SE, well if you picture the body of an iPhone 8 literally, like iPhone 8 cases will work with this new SE so imagine an iPhone 8

  • Touch ID fingerprint reader and bezels,
  • The 4.7-inch retina HD.
  • The LCD on the front ip67 wireless charging
  • It has new internals so it’s speck bump against oh you got the new a 13 Bionic which is the same chip in a thousand-dollar iPhone 11 Pro and three gigs of ram.
  • Some other little things if you’re paying attention they moved the Apple logo down to the middle of the back of the phone.

Now to match all the newer iPhones so that’s how you be able to ┬átell what’s an iPhone SE 2020 and what’s an iPhone 8 and are dropping it in three colours it is red, black or white and all three colourways will have the black front bezels even the white one so the white iPhone eight had white bezels the white iPhone SE has black bezels so that’s nice but really, it’s a pretty simple formula

some people have called this a parts bin phone just because Apple’s recycling some things they have you know take the a13 over here take the iPhone a body they’ve done this with the iPad in the past but hey, they slapped the iconic much-loved iPhone SE 2020 name on it now it’s everywhere well it’s the price that’s making it a crowd favourite that’s why it’s everywhere but the SE name was smart too so I have a couple of thoughts on what makes this so crazy and so interesting and I’m curious what you guy’s thoughts are but number one will this be the best camera in a budget phone.